CHW 3M1:  World History to 15th Century

 Ancient Greece Simulation

Introduction: Ancient Greece has left many powerful legacies on the modern world in terms of government strucutre, arts, culture, sports and military tactics. Under what circumstances did these legacies emerge during Ancient Greece during the Classical Age?

Groups: The class will be broken into five powerful city states for this simulation: Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes and Argos. The city states will compete against each other in various areas and tasks to gain a greater sense of what life was like in Ancient Greece. We will finish our sim with the "Golden Greeks" in which awards will be given based on performances throughout the simulation.






Political, Economic, Military

Diplomacy Game & Reflection

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Government, Arts, Economy, Military

Class Debate

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Drama, Thinkers, Arts and Culture

Battle of the Arts and Minds: Challenge

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Athletics: Olympics, Feast and Awards

Athletic Competitions / Feast


Preparation: groups will have prep time in class to research etc. for simulation.

Dress code: during simulation days, chitons must be worn!

Discovery Greece - Discovery Channel
Ancient Greece- BBC
Ancient Greece- British Museum
Ancient Greece- Kidipede
Ancient Greece - Greece Forum
Greek Government
The Democratic Experiment
History of Sparta
Critiques of Athenian Democracy

Ancient Greece Simulation Checklist

Area of Achievement

Criteria for Level 4

Facts / Information

(K/U and C)

- quality of information / facts with rich details, examples and analysis
- demonstration of knowledge 
- expression of ideas and analysis
- organization of presentation

Simulation Activity

(A and T/I)

-  level of engagement and participation in simulation activity
- demonstration of  knowledge and critical analysis of criteria / simulation questions in the proper context of history







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