May 21 - 25, 2009
Boston Poster Participant / Parent Information

The big day has arrived!  Please meet promptly near the front entrance of the school at 9:00 pm for boarding.  The bus will depart at 9:30 pm sharp. 

Participants please check the Boston Participant List to ensure that you have submitted all required forms.

Check out the weather and check list

Boston PowerPoint Slideshow        Boston Trip Itinerary        Hotel Accommodation

Boston Field Trip Participation Form 1                        Boston Trip Registration Form 2

May 21 - 25, 2009

Boston Participant List

 Rooming Allocation

Boston Groups

Payment Schedule
1.  Down            $100
2.  Jan. 21 '09   $150
3.  Mar. 13 '09  $414
Total                  $664

Cheques Payable to:
School Voyageurs

Markville Boston Trip Meetings & Updated Information

Note:  All meetings are in the Library at 3:05 pm unless otherwise stated

1)  Oct. 9, 2008      Info Meeting:  Boston PowerPoint Slideshow
                                               Boston Field Trip Participation Form 1
                                               Boston Trip Itinerary

                                               Boston Trip Registration Form 2

Hotel Accommodation

2)  Nov. 11, 2008     Info Meeting:  Boston Field Trip Participation Form 1

                                                Boston Trip Registration Form 2

3)  Dec. 17, 2008     Info Meeting: Payment deadlines and available spots
                                               $100 + Jan. 21 '09 ($150) + Mar. 13 '09 ($413.93)

4)  March 12, 2009   Update Meeting:  Final Payments due and trip details update

5)  April 1, 2009       Info Meeting:  Choose entertainment option of Blue Man Group show
                                                 or Red Sox baseball game

6)  April 7, 2009       Info Meeting:  Red Sox tickets

7)  May 7, 2009       Final Details Meeting:  Check List

Canadian citizens requirements

Non-Canadian students need to apply for an American visa

Visa Forms (DS-156 & Males 16-45 yrs old DS-157)

Weather Forecast

Boston, MA

For more Information
Email or Contact:
Head of History:                        Mr. M. Melnyk
Instructor:                                Mr. R. Cotey
Instructor:                                Mr. M. Nicholson
Instructor:                                Ms. L. Mathura
Instructor:                                Ms. A. Chong

Head of Business:                     Ms. C. Sharp
Principal:                                  Mr. S. Bewcyk