Where Are You on the Political Spectrum? 

Question Sheet


Political Values

Political parties are made up of people sharing similar points of view on one or more important issues.  This questionnaire will give a clue as to whether you fall on the left, right or centre of the political spectrum.


This is not a test.  Answer each question as honestly as you can.  On the answer sheet, place an “X” in one of the four spaces provided for each answer.




1.  The death penalty is wrong and should not be allowed under any circumstances.


2.  The government should use taxpayers’ money to provide free daycare for all parents.


3.  Directors of big companies that pollute our air and water should be personally fined and sent to prison.


4.  Canada should allow any immigrant who wants to move to Canada to do so.


5.  Canada’s Native peoples should be given the land they were promised in treaties signed with the government, despite how old those treaties are. .


6.  If a factory is polluting our air and water, the government should close it down, even if it means that its workers would lose their jobs.


7.  Our government should spend less money on our armed forces.


8.  Laws should be passed and enforced that will make sure that women receive the same pay as men do when they do work of equal value.


9.  The United States should not be allowed to test its cruise missiles in Canada, even if this means that its workers would lose their jobs.


10.  High school students should be allowed to take any course they want; there should be no compulsory subjects.


11.  If a person is poor, it is not his or her fault; the government should help such people by providing generous financial aid.


12.  The government should control the amount of rent that landlord can charge his or her tenants.


13.  The tax laws should be changed to make rich people and big companies pay more than they do today.


14.  The government should provide a mother with enough money to allow her to stay at home for longer time after she has a baby.


15.  A woman who has decided that she wants to have an abortion should be allowed to do so without having to get anyone else’s’ permission.


16.  No person or government should be allowed to censor any book, movie or piece of music.


17.  Artists, writers, and musicians are more important in our society than are business executives.


18.  Workers who go on strike do it for good reasons and deserve to have the public’s support.


19.  The government should give more money to our universities and community colleges in order to keep students’ fees as low as possible, even if this means raising taxes.


20.  Canada should give more financial aid to poorer countries.

























Where Are You on the Political Spectrum? 

Answer Sheet



For each question, place an “X” indicating if you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with each statement.



Strongly Agree



Strongly Disagree










































































































Your Score


You can now turn you answer into a score using the following calculation:


Number of “Strongly Agrees”               ____________ x 5 = _________________


Number of “Agrees”                             ____________ x 3 = _________________


Number of “Disagrees”                         ____________ x 2 = _________________


Number of “Strongly Disagrees”           ____________ x 0 = _________________




                                                                        TOTAL =     _________________





Indicate where you fall on the political spectrum.



100                             75                                   50                                   25                        0





Left                        Moderate                           Centre               Moderate                    Right

Wing                      Left Wing                                                    Right Wing                     Wing






Party Positions


Liberal: 50 - 60

New Democratic Party: 65-75

Conservatives: 35-45

Libertarian: less than 35