May 20 - 24, 2010
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Please enjoy these wonderful pictures of our trip.  You can contact Jocelyn Hartle our Explorica tour guide @

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Washington DC
May 20 - 24, 2010

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Online Payment
Tour Centre ID:  Nicholson-9767
Total Cost $593 + $25(Late)

1-888-378-8845 x299
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Markville Washington DC Trip Meetings & Updated Information

Note:  All meetings are in the library at 3:05 pm unless otherwise stated

1)  Oct. 8, 2009      Info Meeting:  DC PowerPoint Slideshow

                                                DC Trip Itinerary             
                                                DC Field Trip Participation Form

2)  Nov. 17, 2009    Info Meeting: Payment Procedures

3)  Mar. 9, 2010      Info Meeting: Final Payment Deadline

4)  Mar. 30, 2010    Info Meeting: Bus & Room Allocation
                                              DC T-Shirt Payment $10 

5)  May 13, 2010      Final Meeting: Travel Tips & Expectations  

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Washington DC
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Head of History:                        Mr. M. Melnyk
Instructor:                                Mr. R. Cotey
Instructor:                                Mr. M. Nicholson
Instructor:                                Ms. L. Mathura
Principal:                                  Mr. S. Bewcyk