“This is about an admitted attempt, encouraged from outside, to challenge and break the State's authority. That is intolerable. Whoever deviates from this policy that I have established, privately or publicly, will be expelled from the Union Nationale.”
- Maurice Duplessis


1. Introductory Set (10 min)
-Intro: Post War Canada to the Modern Era: How has Canada evolved?

Unit Breakdown
a) Rock your Era
> Visual Representations
> Rock your Era Presentations
> Group Challenge / Trivia Competitions

2. Class Activity (40 min)
- Intro: Rock your Era
- Group & Era Formation
- Watch: Bert the Turtle (embedded) while groups made / eras designated
- Preliminary Research

3. Closing Activity (25 min)
- Evolving Fashions from 1945- 1982
- Lesson: GAPPS Drawing Tool
- In your Rock you Era groups, showcase the evolving fashion from your era. Use the various features of the Drawing tool, with a minimum of 3 examples of fashions / trends for men and 3 exampels of fashions / trends for women.
- Share and present to the class


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