“This is about an admitted attempt, encouraged from outside, to challenge and break the State's authority. That is intolerable. Whoever deviates from this policy that I have established, privately or publicly, will be expelled from the Union Nationale.”
- Maurice Duplessis

*Students log in to computers when they enter the class


1. Introductory Set (10 min)
-Intro: Post War Canada to the Modern Era: How has Canada evolved?

Unit Breakdown
a) Rock your Decade
> Preliminary Research: GoogleApps
> Rock your Decade Presentations
> Group Challenge / Trivia Competitions
> Rock your Decade Extravagenza

b) Harkness Table

2. Class Activity (40 min)
- Intro: Rock your Decade: Post war Canada
- Group & Decade Formation
- Preliminary Research: Individually, create a Tiki-toki on events from your decade (ie. 1950-1959). Ensure you are focussing on events that occured in Canadian history as well as world events (min of 10 events). Here are some themes to get you started:

a) Canada and the Cold War
b) The Quebec Question (English - French Relations)
c) Canadian - American Relations
d) Canada in the International World
e) Canada's Growing Identity
f) Establishing Canadian Culture
g) Canada and Peacekeeping
h) Social and Political Movements in Canada
i) Canadian Prime Ministers and their Decisions
j) Canada and Technology (major inventions, advancements created by Canadians)
k) Canada and Immigration / Multiculturalism
l) Canada and the First Nations  (military, social, economic, political, culture)

3. Closing Activity (25 min)
- Trivia #1: Fashion Through the Decades (on moodle)

Fun Stuff about Life in 1950s:
- Gender roles: Leave it to Beaver


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