The Stages of Isolation During the Holocaust.

The burning of the Warsaw ghetto after the rebellion of the Jews who lived there.


A little boy in a concentration camp.


View of the main gates of Auschwitz extermination camp.



The camps were liberated but only the sick, weak and dying remained there.

250 000 people were liberated from the camps.

Jews were left with nothing, they were poor and homeless.




Gas chambers were disguised as showers.

By 1945 six million Jews were dead thru mass executions, starvation and slave labour in concentration camps. Places of extermination

were isolated in order to avoid that the civilian population would unnecessarily become

witnesses of this spectacle. Between April 1942 and November 1944 2 million Jews were gassed.


View of a section of the Dachau Concentration Camp.



In 1933, the first concentration camp established at Dachau to house opponents of the Nazi Regime.

The numbers of Jewish prisoners dramatically increased after the night of broken glass.

People were sent there to work and do free slave labour.




Rural Jews were forced into ghettos in the large cities. The ghettos had a deadly intent – to confine Jews for eventual extermination.

The ghettos in Lodz, Poland held 200 000 Jews including 5000 Gypsies by the end of 1941.

People often died of disease and starvation in the ghettos. 15.1 persons per apartment and there were 6 – 7 persons per room.