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World Religions:  Student Handouts
Course Overview
World Religions Course Outline                          WORD

Ministry Expectations

Unit 1: Understanding Religion

folderUnit 1: All Handouts Package   

Unit 2: Aboriginal Spirituality and Early Religions
folderUnit 2: All Handouts Package  

Unit 3: Eastern Religions
folderUnit 3: All Handouts Package    

Unit 4:  Western Religions
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folder ORAL SUMMATIVE EXAM:  Great Debates

Other Handouts
Notetaking Skills WORD

World Religions:  Culminating Activities
Culminating Activity 1:  Case Study:  Research Essay
folder Case Study:  Major Research Essay

Culminating Activity 2: Student Led Critical Discussions

folder Student Led Critical Discussions

Culminating Activity 3: Concept Maps / Photoshop Poster
folder Concept Maps / Photoshop Poster



folder Breeze Presentations

folder Controversial Issues in Religions

folder General Research Essay

folder Children's Design

folder Temples of Worship