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Symbols :

This Symbol means total tranquility, dignity, in your own life and in your relations with your neighbour.

The Water Symbol represents the “source of life” in the Chinese philosophy


The “Jen” means “social virtue”. All those virtues which help maintain social harmony and righteousness are included in the Jen.  

The “Li” means correct behavior, good manners, worship and politeness

-- Symbols are difficult to read in Confucianism. Even though there has been a great admiration towards Confucius for paintings and statues, it was difficult to translate the art into symbols.

- Confucius always feared that if he made a symbol to represent faith, his followers would honor the image more than his teachings.

- Thus, the “Five Virtues” used by Chinese symbols, were to bring his followers closer to Confucian teachings.                                                   




Interesting Facts:

 -The Ch’in Dynasty buried  alive many scholars in their  program to avoid learning  and Confucianism

-Scholars had difficulty determining whether  Confucianism was  philosophy or a philosophy  and a religion

-Confucianism is so  practical that people  dismissed it as being a list of  suggestions on how to  live a balanced life

- For Confucians, heaven  exists in the present, the  here and now

-The name if the province  Confucius was brought up  in, Lu, became an icon of  justice and fairness

-When Confucius died he  had 72 disciples and 3000  followers

-“The Five Virtues” are  necessary for an individual  to achieve sense of peace  and balance



Confucius is not only the founder of Confucianism but is also known as a philosopher .
(551-479 BCE)                           


A Confucianism temple


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  1. What does the water symbol represent?
    1. water
    2. the source of life
    3. how we need it to live
    4. none of the above

  2. What is "Li":
    1. correct behavior, good manners, worship and politeness
    2. the person who found the religion
    3. a significant figure
    4. nothing at all

  3. "Jen" means: 
    1. social habits
    2. social interaction
    3. social virtue
    4. social behaviour

  4. Does Confucianism have a symbol?

    1. yes, the water symbol
    2. no, it does not
    3. yes, the Jen symbol
    4. yes, the Li symbol

    5.  How many virtues are there in Confucianism?

    1. 3 virtues
    2. 7 virtues
    3. 5 virtues
    4. there are no virtues