Shinto is an ancient religion that orginated in Japan in 500 BC. The name was derived from Chinese words, meaning "The way of the Gods"

This ancient japanese religion doesnt have a founder. Instead it is a polythesim meaning that in Shinto there are multiple "kami" which means god in japanese.

Key Figures

Emperor Meiji made Shinto the State religion in 1868, making it more well known throughout Japan and the world.

Two of the most important characters in Shinto are Izanami and Izanagi which are related to Ying and Yang. Inzami and Izanagi are the gods of creation and gods of death. They were given the job by the god to create land. They were given a spear by god to create land. When Inaznami died during childbirth, Izanagi tried to revive her from the underworld but failed. Inzagi later created Amaterasu the goddess of sun, Tsukuymoi the god of the moon and Susano'o the god of storm.

Interesting Facts

To worship the Kami's, you must visit the Shrines scattered throughout Japan.

The era of Shinto started to die out by the end of world war II as other religions started to arise.

A torii, which is the entrance to almost all Shinto shrines

Ise Jingu, one of shinto's most sacred shrines.

A Modern Shinto shrine located in Osaka

Emperor Meiji, proclamied State Shinto 1868

Inzanami(left) and Izanagi (right)

Mount fuji, which is a sacred shinto mountian


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    1. When did shinto orginate.
    1. 1.5000 BC
    2. 2.500 BC
    3. 3.1 AD
    4. 4.Yesterday

    2. Who Shinto the State Religion
    1. 1.Emperor Meiji
    2. 2.Emperor Hika
    3. 3.Emperor Masaki
    4. 4.Einstein

    3. What year was Shinto made state
    1. 1. 1668
    2. 2.1896
    3. 3.1868
    4. 4.1686


      4. What does Shinto mean?

      1. The way of driving

      2.The way of the gods

      3.The way of life

      4. The way of the Human



5What is Izanami and Izanagi related to

1.Tall and short

2.Night and Day

3.Yin and Yang

4.Black and Whitee