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We want YOU in Markville Music! We know there are a lot of terrific and appealing options in the surrounding area. We believe at Markville Music, however, that your best bet to have a well rounded, balanced high school experience, and your best chance to experience a variety of successes is here with us at Markville.

Markville allows you to be anything and everything you want to be because Markville helps to keep doors open. At Markville many options are available to you as you prepare to enter post-secondary education or the work force. Our school gives you countless, varied, high-quality experiences in order to prepare you for life after graduation. Our graduates have done, seen, and experienced a wealth of opportunities in as many arenas as possible.

Our family of schools has a unique structure where Markville music teachers are actually staff members in many of our elementary schools. While we wholeheartedly welcome prospective music students from all our other feeder schools, our prospective music students from Central Park Public School and Unionville Public School are in a unique position. You have the privilege of being taught by your future high school music teacher at the elementary level. Consider the implications of such an opportunity.

Transitioning to Markville Music

Students from our family of schools have an easier time transitioning to high school life because they have participated in various Markville Music activities. These activities allow you to connect with your high school and future peers while still at the elementary school level. An easier transition to high school means that you are also more likely to experience a greater rate of success, particularly in your earlier years at Markville.

Our elementary school music programme is much like the "farm team" for our Markville Music ensembles. Everything we do at the elementary school level is to set you up for future success in a Markville ensemble. We hope you'll take advantage of this special and unique opportunity afforded you by your future high school teacher actually being in your elementary school everyday.

At Markville Music we love having the opportunity to continue our work with you. We look forward to seeing you here.

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