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Our Keyboard Lab programme at Markville Music is one of the most significant ways we integrate technology into our curriculum. In fact, while education is just now realizing the impact technology can have on teaching and learning, we've been doing this for decades.

The first manifestation of our keyboard lab was established in the early 1990’s using Icon computers. Today we offer a fully integrated keyboard lab solution complete with iMacs and the latest music software such as StudioOne and Sibelius. All Markville Music students rotate through the Keyboard Lab once a week to experience music and technology as it applies to creativity, composition, and improvisation.

Think of what you could create ...

The Markville Music Keyboard Lab is an opportunity for you to hone your creative skills in a relevant and exciting way. Along with basic piano proficiency, you will learn how to unlock the power behind music software and experience how technology and music work together seamlessly.

Too often technology occurs in education for technology's sake. We at Markville Music have found a way to make technology an integral part of your music experience and have fused it into the overall design of our core programming.

Our Keyboard Lab is just one of the many exciting ways we strive to bring you a music experience unlike anything else. If you enjoy GarageBand, if you enjoy using computers for music listening and creation, what are you waiting for? You belong here.

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