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Repertoire is a big part of what makes Markville Music so special. Repertoire is a music course offered outside the regular timetable. While Markville students typically pickup eight full credits upon completion of their first year of high school, Markville Music students receive an extra credit for their participation in band, orchestra, or choral rehearsals.

The benefit to our Repertoire structure is that students receive extra credit toward their high school diploma by participating in a authentic performance activities. In elementary school, enthusiastic music students usually play in the band, orchestra, or choir as an extra-curricular activity. At Markville Music, these students receive academic credit for this time ensuring their hard work is documented on their transcript.

Rationale behind Repertoire

At Markville Music, we believe students should learn technique, theory, music history, and musicianship during core music courses within the timetable. We also believe that students who have learned these skills should have the opportunity to apply these skills during trips, festivals, and concerts outside the timetable. In our belief, one course cannot exist without the other.

Being part of Markville Music maximizes your opportunities to receive academic credit for your time, effort, and discipline. Our Repertoire courses are a perfect place for you to grow as a musician and student.

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