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Sean Hu-A-Kam, Head of Music

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Mr. Hu-A-Kam is a graduate of the York University Department of Music, where he focused on Jazz Studies and was the recipient of the Oscar Peterson Scholarship for Jazz Performance. Upon completion of his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Mr. Hu-A-Kam received his Bachelor of Education and his Honours Specialist in Music from the University of Toronto.

Mr. Hu-A-Kam has taught music in the primary, junior, intermediate, and senior divisions, and has conducted numerous award-winning choirs, concert bands, string orchestras, and jazz ensembles. The author of music curriculum documents for the York Region District School Board and the Ontario Ministry of Education, Mr. Hu-A-Kam has been invited to lecture at the university level, and has presented clinics and workshops for music teachers and teacher candidates.

Since 1998, Mr. Hu-A-Kam has directed the orchestral string programmes at Central Park Public School and Markville Secondary School. Mr. Hu-A-Kam remains active as a jazz bassist, and performs regularly with a local jazz trio.

Graham Langdale

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Mr. Langdale completed his B.F.A. and B.Ed as a graduate of York University’s Fine Arts Music program and Concurrent Education program. After completing his degrees, Mr. Langdale began his teaching career in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam teaching instrumental music at a private international school. His additional teaching qualifications include Honour Specialist Music, English as a Second Language Part 1, and Special Education Part 1.

Prior to teaching overseas, Mr. Langdale accumulated over 1,600 hours volunteering within a number of the York Region District School Board’s music programs. As a former student, volunteer, and teacher candidate of Markville Secondary School, Mr. Langdale has worked extensively with Markville Music ensembles for more than a decade. He is pleased to be continuing his professional teaching career as a member of the Markville Music team.

Terrol Sinclair

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After teaching in the TDSB, Terrol Sinclair joined the Markville Music faculty in 2001. He earned his B.F.A. and B.Ed. from York University; and, after a number of years of teaching he completed his M.A. at York University in 2008. His additional qualifications include his Music Honors Specialist from the University of Toronto, and Instrumental Part 1 from the University of Toronto.

Mr. Sinclair runs the creativity/keyboard lab programme, the senior chorus and vocal jazz; in addition, he teaches Junior-Intermediate music and the Intermediate Choir at Central Park Public School. Over the years Mr. Sinclair has played for groups such as the Toronto Mass Choir, the Not Affiliated Big Band, in addition to being the founder and director of the Lisle Memorial Academy of Music. Currently, he continues to make music through with local soloists and artists. He also teaches the Introduction to Music Pedagogy course at York University.

Diane Stecher

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Mrs. Stecher completed her Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Education degrees at Queen's University, and grew up in a musical family. Mrs. Stecher played euphonium for twenty-nine years with The Markham Concert Band, and also with The Governor General's Horse Guards band early in her military career. Mrs. Stecher was the Musical Director for the Anglican Church Cursillo Movement for nine years, a member of a church choir for twenty years, and a part-time organist for over twenty-four years.

Mrs. Stecher has been teaching since 1987 in a variety of subject areas: Music, French, English, Special Education, and Dramatic Arts. Outside of school, Mrs. Stecher enjoys spending time with her daughters, and the family dog.

Will Stokes

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Mr. Stokes received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music, and his Bachelor of Education and Master of Education from Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education and School of Graduate Studies.

Mr. Stokes has taught band, voice, musical theatre, guitar, keyboard lab, vocal jazz, and instrumental jazz while at Markville Secondary School, all the while teaching instrumental music at Unionville Public School. He is an active music director, singer, and performer of jazz and musical theatre in and around the GTA.