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Interesting Facts


Did you know that:

  • Egypt was origonally divided into two kingdoms; Upper and Lower Egypt. Each kingdom had its own ruler and were differentiated by their two distinct crowns. King Menes was beleived to have untited Egypt and wear the famous Double Crown of Egypt.
  • Children were cared for by their mothers and elder sisters until they were around 4-6 years of age, where they were sent off to be educated in either a teaching room, by a priest, or in their fathers trade.
  • Fertile soil was brought in by the flooding of the Nile allowed for an abundant of crops to be grown. The grown crops were then used as payment for the farmers, payment for taxes and distributed throughout the marketplace.
  • Physical beauty was prized in Egypt from both men and women. Eye's were preferrably almond shape and both eyebrows and eyelids were made/coloured with blue, green or dark grey pigments.

The crowns of Upper (left) and Lower (right) Egypt


Double Crown of King Menes