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Was born 2293 years ago and lived from 287 BCE - 212 BCE. Was also a native of Syracuse, Sicily.
Archimedes, was an influential mathematician of his time.
is methods anticipated calculus 2000 years before Newton or Leibniz revolutionized it. His contributions revolutionized Geometry with his ideas and concepts.
Ran through the streets naked yelling "Eureka" I've solved it.

Historical Significance
Archimedes invented many important things such as pulley system which is one of the most important inventions of all time, and a descendant of the common day pump called the Archimedean screw pumping device. This device is still used in many parts of the world.
He perfected a method to help him find areas, volumes, surface areas and also gave an accurate answer to π.



Above- Archimedes' experiment
Top Left- Archimedes working on a plane equilibrium
Left- Statue of Archimedes
Bottom- Archimedes' yelling 'Eureka!'

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  1. When was Archimedes born?
    1. 2093 Years Ago
    2. 2193 Years Ago
    3. 2293 Years Ago
    4. 2393 Years Ago

  2. Who was Archimedes?
    1. A great Mathematician
    2. A great Scientist
    3. A great Artist
    4. A great Writer

  3. What did Archimedes contribute to his field?
    1. A great Play by the name of "Hercules"
    2. A great scientific theory called the "Theory of Gravity"
    3. A great painting called "Pericles at his finest"
    4. A mathematical solution to geometry and the early discovery of the basis of calculus

  4. What did Archimedes invent?
    1. Pulley
    2. Wheel
    3. Rope
    4. Combustion Engine

  5. What is Archimedes known for yelling as he ran through the streets?

    1. Eureka!
    2. Hurrah!
    3. Gadzooks!
    4. Tralalalala!