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  • Herodotus of Halicarnassus was a historian who lived in the fith century B.C.
  • He is known for writing "The Histories", and a collection of stories of different places and peoples he learned about through his travles.
  • He was called the " Father of History"
  • The "Histories" were often critisised for bias, inacuracy, and plagarism.
  • The "Histories of Herodotus" is considered the first work of history in Western literature.
  • Written about 440 B.C. The Histories tells the story of the war between Persia and Greek states.
  • Herodotus was exiled from his native land of Halicarnassus after his involvement in an unsuccessful putch (overthrough of the government). He never returned to his home land.

Historical Importance!

  • He was called the "father of history" because he wrote various books known as the "Histories".
  • The "Histories" were said to be the first pieces of History in Western Literature ( hence the name "Father of Literature")
  • In his books Herodotus recorded various important wars, such as the Peloponnesian war; which was between Sparta and Athens.

Statue of Herodotus!

Picture of "The Histories"

Map oh Halicarnassus ( Herodotus's home land )

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  1. What is Herodotus's home land?
    1. Halicarnassus
    2. Athens
    3. Thebes
    4. Sparta

  2. What was Herodotus famous for?
    1. Creating the first history in Western Liturature
    2. Overthrough of the govertnment
    3. Creating the first math
    4. switching Egypt back to Polythesium

  3. What was Herodotus's nick name?
    1. The father of Disease
    2. The father of History
    3. The profit
    4. Master chief

  4. What were his books called?


    1. Harry Conway
    2. the histories
    3. Greek culture
    4. the history of the early world


    5.  What war did he record in his books?


    1. The Peleponnesian war
    2. World war Two
    3. The Beor War
    4. World war one