Tuthmosis the III


††††††††† Tuthmosis was a powerful pharaoh in the ancient Egypt.He was often referred to as the Napoleon of Ancient Egypt.This name was acquired because Tuthmosis the III was known for his strong ties to the military.He not only had strong ties but also led his troops in battle himself.During his life time he had many victories and was willing to take daring risks.The reputation of a strong army leader is probaly due to the fact that all his battles were recorded in great detail by the archivist, royal scribe and army commander, Thanuny.The battles were recorded on the inside walls surrounding the granite sanctuary at Karnak.Although Tuthmosis the IIIís life was one to remember it was not all good and victorious.

††††††††††† His father Tuthmosis the II named his son Tuthmosis the III to be his successor after his death.But the dilemma was that when his father died he was still a young child.There fore his stepmother and aunt Hatshepsut initially acted as his regent.  His birth name was probably Djehutymes III in Egyptian, but he is frequently referred to by his Greek name of Tuthmosis (Born of the god Thoth).  He is also known as Thutmose III, Thutmosis, and his Throne name was Men-kheper-re (Lasting is the Manifestation of Re the sun god).It is said that he was lucky to survive his child hood for the fact that his stepmother and aunt could have disposed of him to put themselves in ultimate power with no threat of being overthrown by Tuthmosis the III, but he stayed well in the background probably saving himself.His stepmother had many monuments of herself made.After her death, Tuthmosis the III was the one true ruler of Egypt.He proved himself to be an able and strong ruler.Only in Tuthmosisís the III last years of his life did he begin to destroy as many of her monuments and memories of her as possible due to anger and hatred towards her.Through all this Tuthmosis made a memorable pharaoh.









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