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In the paleolithic age, people used rocks for various tools and weapons

As pictured to the right, humans used a sharp rock as a hand axe to chop various objects

Flints were very popular, as they helped the people create fires. Humans also made thin stone blades which they used as spear heads

Men used cliffs and tar pits as weapons for killing animals. They would corner the animal and force them off the cliff or into tar pits. The bow and arrow was created in 20 000 BCE and helped hunters kill animals easier

Key Definitions / Terms
Hand Axe:  a stone tool with a cutting edge; the stone is held in the hand and used for chopping

Flint: a very hard, fine-grained stone that sparks for fire when struck

Spearhead: the sharp-pointed head that forms the piercing end of a spear

Historical Significance
These were the first ever successfully used tools by humans. These designs and ideas have been recreated and made better for the world today. Without these tools and weapons, some of the tools we use today would never have been around.

Interesting Facts
Better weapons were eventually developed such as barbed harpoons, darts, spear throwers, and bows and arrows
  With these more advanced weapons, humans were able to hunt large and powerful animals such as wild pigs, reindeer, horses, and bison



A Paleolithic Hand Axe

This is a Paleolithic Flint

Various Tools and Weapons

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A Paleolithic Spearhead

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  1. Most of paleolithic tools and weapons were made of what?
    1. Stone
    2. Wood
    3. Titanium
    4. Sticks and Leaves

  2. The first method hunters used for killing animals for food was what?
    1. Used sharpened sticks as spears
    2. Attacking the animals with a hand axe
    3. Making a net out of rope, then capture the animal
    4. Forced the animals off of cliffs

  3. The bow and arrow helped hunters when it was invented in...
    1. 50,000 BCE
    2. 100,000 BCE
    3. 20,000 BCE
    4. 30,000 BCE

  4. Which of the following weapons were NOT mentioned?


    1. Barbed Harpoons
    2. Silver axe
    3. Spear throwers
    4. Hand axe


    5.  Which of the following animals did they hunt?


    1. Dogs
    2. Birds
    3. Large flies
    4. Reindeer